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February 2019 Edition – Iron Apple Company & Industry News, Software Updates, New Certifications, & more!

We are continuing to add new features and functionality to our food safety and quality assurance program.  Some of the newest features are:
Added a new manager reporting area which has shortcuts to useful sections of the program.
Updated the activities and notifications section, now has an email option to notifications and the ability to group many notifications together.
Added a notifications area where you can see all your notifications and dismiss then if needed.
In the Assets Manager, Sensors, & Readings area, we’ve added the ability to assign sensors to the trailers.  Added a new sensors area to list all sensors that you wish to track and report on.  Added a new sensor readings section to track various types of sensor readings. This is now tracking temperature, but also has the ability to store other data that becomes available.
If you haven’t had the chance to check out the new Iron Apple Android & iOS app, nows your chance!

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