Cannabis Production QMS Quality Management System

Cannabis Production & Cultivation

Quality management module specifically designed for cannabis producers & micro-growers.
Digital Food Safety Program for Warehouse & Cold Storage

Food Storage & Warehouse

Digital food safety plan & quality management module designed for storage facilities.
Transportation Food Safety Plan Solution for Carriers

Food Delivery & Transportation

Digital sanitary transortation food safety module for all fleet sizes & last mile delivery.

Who We Are

Iron Apple provides premium quality management software and training solutions for cannabis production & food handling companies from transportation to storage.

Through our partnerships within the cannabis production and food service industries, we’ve developed a streamlined software solution for businesses to stay ahead of challenging government and industry requirements, with a high focus on quality assurance throughout the operations.

Easily create, edit, and manage all your production facility compliance documents such as GPPs, SOPs, paperless workflow, scheduled tasks, reporting, activities, corrective actions, and more.

High Quality Standards

Working closely with industry experts building practical solutions.  We thrive on bringing helpful and innovative solutions to industry with the use of technology.

Educated & Experienced Team

As a team we are committed to hard work, continuous growth and learning to provide the best QMS in the industry.


Our customers’ success is our main focus. Providing high quality software that reduces risk, maintains quality, and provides peace of mind.


We cultivate & nurture all types of relationships from customers, partners, and industry leaders.

A Quality Management System that Grows with You!

Why Choose Iron Apple QMS

Iron Apple QMS - Working with Industry Experts

Industry Experience

Industry specific solutions that improve quality and reduce risk

We’ve been supporting and working with safety and quality assurance personnel for over 5 years throughout the United States & Canada. Our approach is to work with leaders within an industry to develop solutions that are practical and companies who lean on technology to improve existing processes, all while providing superior customer service and support.

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Iron Apple QMS - Customer Service & Support

Customer Support & Service

Treating every customer like family

We want you to succeed & excel, if you run into any problems, have questions, we are here to help each step of the way.  Providing high quality software that reduces risk, maintains quality, and provides peace of mind.

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Iron Apple QMS - Practical, Easy to Use

Practical, Easy to Use, and Helpful

Great care and attention goes into each area of our solutions

Not only are your paper records digital, your entire team now has access to their specific roles, right at their fingertips. Access to reporting, policies and procedures, real-time corrective actions, checklists, and training, ensuring a consistent workflow through all areas of production.

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Our reputation is the proof!

Latest News

Cannabis ProductionCompany News Iron Apple QMS for Cannabis Production Next Level - Looking to the Future

Looking to the Future with Iron Apple

With forward-thinking leadership and guidance from the cannabis industry, one of our main objectives is to continue refining our software and services using innovative technology to allow cannabis producers to continue what they do best, growing amazing cannabis products. We will accomplish this by: closing gaps in documentation and compliance records by using digital record-keeping,…

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