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January Edition: Food Safety Transportation Solutions for Carriers, Brokers & Shippers Newsletter

Iron Apple Newsletter – Featured Content: Our company didn’t become an early adopter to the new STF (Sanitary Transportation of Food) regulations, because of this we lost a contract with one of our shippers.
If we get on board with a food safety program now, will we meet the new FSMA requirements by the April 6th deadline?  We don’t want to lose any more customers but we don’t know where to start.
So what does this mean for your business?
Many of our customers shared the same concerns. Developing a Food Safety Program can be complex and time consuming.  Most transportation companies don’t understand where to start, who to delegate this task to and how many resources will be required.  Here at Iron Apple we have taken all of the guess work and challenges out of the equation and have created a simplified solution. There are less than 65 working days left until the FDA could take enforcement action if your company is not compliant with the new rules.  However, if you act now there is still enough time to get your company compliant before this deadline.

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