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The Iron Apple eClassroom provides an easy to use digital training platform, that can be accessed from various devices including mobile, tablet, and desktop. The training content is presented in video and text format, a brief quiz/assessment, and a digital certificate upon completion.


Cannabis Awareness

In this module we will examine how cannabis can affect your everyday life including your work life and your ability to do your job safely. Topics that will be discussed in this training video include what Cannabis is, the different strains and how it is used, Laws related to transportation and commercial vehicle used and the cognitive and health effects of Cannabis on the body.

Preventive Controls PCQI & QI Training

The HARPC courses are an interactive, assessment-based online learning environment that trains food-processing employees for the global food manufacturing industry. These courses contain material equivalent to the FSPCA course, PLUS additional interactive content. Since the courses are completely online, you have the ability to take the courses at your own pace and location, saving you and your company substantial travel time and monetary costs.

Food Safety for Final Mile & Delivery

Iron Apple’s Final Mile Training is a food Safety module for drivers who directly deliver food to the final customer. Whether you are delivering groceries, meal kits or meals directly from a restaurant, keeping the food you are transporting safe is your utmost priority. One of the most challenging aspects of home delivery services is perfecting the “last mile” and getting the product to the final destination in the safest and fastest way possible.

FSMA Sanitary Transport Training

This training module, consisting of 3 six-minute videos and short quiz, covers everything regarding the government food safety regulation and what small carriers, owner-operators, and drivers need to know as it relates to their job and how the Sanitary Transportation rule impacts them when transporting food.

FSMA Awareness for Brokers & 3PLs

This module has been designed to discuss two main topics. The first is how regulations may impact the activity of a broker and secondly, general transportation food safety and what you should be looking for in regard to carriers and the sanitary transport of food.

Good Transportation Practices (GTPs)

Good Transportation Practices (GTPs) that will assist in controlling the chances of introducing any food safety hazards to food, either through the work environment or operational practices.

Compliance Based Training Program


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