Iron Apple International is a leading supplier of professional food safety solutions to companies involved in the transportation of food products throughout North America. They are the first firm to develop a national Preventive Controls / HACCP program for distribution centers and warehouses. The Food Safety Solution that simplified compliance with these new Canadian and US regulations has been developed and tested over the past three years.

Our Food Safety Solution:
The content of our program meets all government requirements for both United States and Canada. With our program, getting certified is easy:

  • We provide transportation based food safety training.
  • Following step by step guide to implement required forms and documents.
  • Once setup and running, receive your Iron Apple Food Safety Certificate of Compliance.

Many carriers who are transporting any type of refrigerated and / or bulk foods are implementing our solution to help mitigate risk and liability. As well, our program helps improve the quality of their service to their shippers!  Click here to learn more about the Iron Apple Food Safety Solution.

Our Food Safety Training:

Our Food Safety Training for Carriers Program consists of a 3 part e-learning solution, with videos, reference materials and short quizzes after each area, along with a certificate of completion. Our training materials meets and exceeds the FSMA and Sanitary Transport Rule training requirements. The content of the course is suited for any person who is involved with the transportation of food throughout United States and Canada, carriers, shippers and brokers. Click here to learn more about the Iron Apple Food Safety Training Program.




2015 - IronApple is Born

Kasar International is re-branded and becomes Iron Apple – Simplifying Food Safety Compliance

2015 - Kasar Acquired by SanStone Investments

SanStone Investments based in Halifax, Nova Scotia has acquired Kasar International, a rapidly growing food safety software company based in Nova Scotia.


2004 - National Transportation Food Safety Program

Kasar expanded further in to the distribution side of the industry by developing a national transportation food safety program for the Canadian Trucking Alliance.


2000 - HACCP/FSEP Based Food Safety Program for Food Distribution

The company implemented its first HACCP/FSEP Based Food Safety Program for food distribution.


1998 - Kasar Canada Ltd.

Brad MacCallum founded Kasar Canada Ltd. Nova Scotia.



Our Expertise

Iron Apple‘s staff have expertise in such disciplines as microbiology, sanitation, adult education and training, fisheries industry, HACCP, pest control, data management, information technology, software design, facility design, processing, warehousing and storage of food products.

Our Accreditations

With specialists in such accredited programs as AFDO (Association of Food and Drug Officials) National Seafood HACCP Alliance (USFDA), the International Meat and Poultry HACCP Alliance and the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) Food Safety Enhancement Program, as well as ISO9000, ISO9001 and ISO14002 series Lead Auditors, Iron Apple offers a full range of expertise and the unique ability to design custom operation-specific programs, incorporating essential elements from all of the above.

Our Reach

Capable of working both nationally and internationally, Iron Apple‘s diverse group can provide innovative and sound solutions in a demanding and dynamic global marketplace.


To be the leading supplier of professional food safety support to companies involved in the production and distribution of food products in North America. We accomplish this by understanding our customers’ needs and provide cost effective, practical solutions.