Web-based Program that Simplifies Record-keeping Challenges

Iron Apple’s cloud based Quality Management System (QMS) takes cannabis quality from good to extraordinary. Imagine having complete visibility over your operation at the touch of your fingertips, with complete and secure document control and reporting capabilities that take your business to the next level. Being at the forefront of these elements is KEY in this rapidly growing industry.


  • Create & Manage Standard Operating Procedures
  • Create and Manage Records and Forms
  • Document Management & Storage
  • Document Reviews & Approval
  • Digital Acknowledgements
  • Version Control


  • Desktop, Tablet, & Mobile Friendly
  • Remote Access for all Users
  • Centralized Storage
  • Efficient Record Retention & Retrieval
  • Recorded Change History
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Automated Audit Trials


  • Real-time Corrective Actions
  • Schedule Tasks & Activities
  • Task Management
  • Custom Reporting
  • Dashboard Overview
  • User Progress Tracking
  • Digital Signoffs

Designed for the Cannabis Cultivation Industry

Saving your team time, reducing risk and quality issues, and providing peace of mind for managers and key stakeholders, a cloud-based digital solution is essential to succesfully manage your compliance records, training certificates, standard operating procedures, and any other critical documents within your company.

Cannabis 2.0 Update

Prepare, retain, maintain and implement your preventive control plan (PCP) meeting requirements for activities related to cannabis edibles, extracts, and ingredients that will be used in edibles or extracts.

Compatible with Many Standards & Regulations

Flexible framework has been designed to allow for various compliance standards and regulations to be implemented, converting paper-based systems to a digital platform.


Iron Apple QMS - Laptop User Dashboard & Reporting
Iron Apple QMS - Mobile & Tablet Accessible Dashboard

Corrective & Preventive Actions (CAPA)

Extensive coverage of corrective actions throughout the system that can be initiated by all users. Each corrective action created generates an alert to management and a corrective action report that covers each stage from correction to preventive actions.

Efficient Record Retention & Retrieval

Meets modern record retention policies ensuring that necessary records and documents are adequately protected and maintained. Quick record retrieval with digital access to document archive, record history, and audit trails.


Streamlined Data Management

Ability to create custom content such as standard operating procedures and checklists. Each record can be assigned to roles and activities which can be scheduled for completion, streamlining your staff workflow.

Document Approval, Version Control, & Audit Trail

Access to all of your documents with the ability to create custom records as needed.  Systematic approach to managing changes that are documented with appropriate draft and approval procedures, automated version controls, & traceable for an audit trail.


Iron Apple QMS - Dashboard Reporting





Prepare, retain, maintain and implement your preventive control plan (PCP) meeting requirements for activities related to growing legal cannabis and cannabis 2.0 products such as edibles, extracts, and ingredients that will be used in edibles or extracts.  Centralized management for all of your compliance programs like preventive controls, good production practices, hazards analysis, operating procedures, employee training, and much more.

The Iron Apple QMS cannabis program is very simple and easy to use. The Dashboard is easy to understand and navigate thanks to the colour-coded panels. The program can be used on tablets, phones, computers, etc. and can be used on- or off-line, which is very convenient for any type of facility. The program includes schedule building, SOP implementation, reviews and approvals, corrective action and deviation reports, activity checklists, and more. Having multiple user accounts ensures proper and complete SOP training for our staff, as well as immediate notification of deviations for the QA Team. Approving SOPs, activity checklists and corrective action plans are completed effectively!


Quality Assurance Manager


We incorporated the use of the Iron Apple QMS cannabis program with our Sanitation team a month ago. The transition of being able to capture sanitation activities electronically has improved our ability to review completed tasks in one location, reducing the need to go into the facility to find the associated forms. It takes our Sanitation members just a few minutes to complete the checklists related to the tasks and the areas they are completed. The program is user-friendly and the potential of the program to incorporate use in other various activities is evident.


Quality Assurance Technician