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Please review the list of our frequently asked questions, the topics range from food safety related questions to program support.

Food Safety Solution for Carriers Questions

How versatile is the program for employee changes, such as vacation, termination etc.?

Our Food Safety Solution for Carriers is extremely versatile, as there are no limitations on substitutes/changes. Our program is based on roles, so this enables you to easily assign/re-assign employees to different roles, or set up for employee turnover.

If I am already on the HACCP Iron Apple (formerly Kasar) program, how do I get switched over from my paper program to the new digital / paperless program?

The process of moving to the digital program is very easy. Iron Apple will provide you with the list of the basic steps, and a simple checklist of activities to make this transition. Iron Apple will guide and support you through the transition. Contact us at 1 (844) 485-3330 to upgrade to the paperless program.

If I have a HACCP program in place now, what will this program give me that I do not have now?

The current HACCP Programs do not meet the new PCP requirements. As a minimum, they may be missing the key new components such as; preventive controls, validation steps, governance, record keeping, and regulatory guidelines.

If I pick up new clients or transport new products will this program accommodate this?

Yes, the Iron Apple solution can grow with your business and accommodate new customers, companies or new food commodity types.

If I sign up for the Iron Apple digital solution, when will my first audit happen?

The certification audit is performed after the Iron Apple solution is installed, as well as the prerequisite programs and modules, and a minimum 90 days of record keeping and data is available to review.

If I’m a trucking customer and I use third party carriers, how do you incorporate that into the program?

The shipper has the responsibility to ensure your PCP is in place. We recommend that both parties have a PCP in place to meet the new regulations, and provide the optimum end to end PCP coverage.

Is your program adaptable for small and large companies? Once the program is set up, how much daily interaction with the software would be required from our staff to maintain compliance?

Yes, our program is very adaptable for companies of all sizes. Each company uses the same standard food safety modules. The daily interaction will depend on the scope in regard to how your company chooses to perform your daily operations with the multiple features and activities to monitor from within the program.

What is the Cost of the Iron Apple solution? Pricing structure.

Our goal is to provide a strong, long term value proposition and competitive advantage for your business. The Iron Apple pricing includes the cost of each module, training, certification and fees for technical support. The pricing is variable based on the number of food commodities transported, and the scope of your operation for terminals, storage, and warehousing. For more pricing information, please contact us at 1 (844) 485-3330.  To request a quote click here, complete the brief form and our team will follow-up with you on an estimate for implementing our solution into your business.

What is the maximum number of employees that this software can accommodate?

This Iron Apple digital solution can accommodate an unlimited number of employees, supervisors, and managers, performing many different tasks and assigned roles.

What training options are available from Iron Apple? Pricing?

Iron Apple has a wide range of training programs including; food safety, and the set up and implementation of ‘how to best use’ the Iron Apple digital platform and solutions. We also offer consulting services, if you would like a more in depth food safety solution of training beyond our standard offering.

Click here for our training program overview.

Click here to purchase our eLearning Food Safety Training for Carriers program.

What will be the biggest impact on a food transporter that does not have its own dock facilities?

The greatest impact will be the requirement to follow the modules for each type of food commodity transported and the record keeping requirements for all food safety related activities.

Why Should we move forward with the Iron Apple Food Safety Solution for Carriers program now, rather than later?

There are many reasons to move forward with our food safety solution for your transportation related business.  Here are several critical facts related to the new food safety regulations going into effect April 1, 2016 with enforcement in effect April 7, 2017. Our digital program is the simple solution to food safety compliance for the trucking industry.

  • After the program setup and training, it will take a minimum of 90 days of accurate records to be collected in order to be certified. With the new regulations being required in 2016 for both Canada and United States, that does not give much breathing room, therefore, you need to act now.
  • Many of your competitors are already taking action and are certified with this program. Gaining new contracts because they are ahead of these critical changes.  You will be ahead of the industry to attract new customers.
  • To continue delivering to the United States and Canada, across provincial and state borders, you will need to have this program in place and be certified before the deadline as required by the new regulations.
  • Your customers may require you to adopt their more complex program if you do not have a PCP in place.
  • For companies who do not have a food safety solution in place to meet FSMA and SFCA requirements, enforcement of these new food safety requirements when transporting food begins on April 7, 2017.  This could mean heavy fines, jail time, shutdown or closures and more.
Will the Iron Apple certificate be recognized internationally?

Yes, the Iron Apple certificate will be recognized internationally, in Canada and the United States.

Will your program meet the shippers PCP requirements?

Yes, for transportation and warehousing, the Iron Apple PCP is based on the new government regulations and has passed all of the requirements. The Iron Apple solution is the most efficient way to quickly meet the new requirements.

Would a trucking company using your program be considered HACCP approved?

Yes, the Iron Apple solution and certification is based on the new regulations which are based on HAACP Principles. The Iron Apple solution meets all HACCP principles and requirements.

Transportation Related Food Safety Questions

Do these regulations apply to all food products for humans and animals?

Yes, the new regulations apply to both food for human and animal consumption. The new regulations apply to all food ingredients and products from start to finish.

How will the new food safety regulations affect my driver’s hours of service (HOS)? How does your program help minimize time for drivers and management

The new food regulations have no adverse effects on HOS. It helps minimize time for drivers by now keeping Electronic records, manual monitoring coincident with DOT on-road inspection intervals.

What happens to HACCP standards after April 1, 2016, when the new regulations come into effect?

The HACCP standards stay the same.  HACCP is the underlying foundation to ALL the current food safety programs.  The written PCP will be required after April 1, 2016 and with the phase-in period (1 year – April 1, 2017) to be added to meet the requirements by the Canadian and US government.

What is a written PCP – Preventive Control Plan?

To ensure a proactive and preventive approach, food businesses, and transporters will be required to have food safety controls and a written PCP in the following areas:

  •   Employee knowledge
  •   Employee hygiene
  •   Employee health
  •   Commitment from management
  •   Handling
  •   Maintenance
  •   Equipment and flow
  •   Cleanliness
  •   Process control
  •   Complaints and recalls
  •   Other regulatory requirements

Importers would need to ensure they are sourcing products from foreign food companies that have these food safety controls in place

There are 5 steps to ensuring the Preventive Control Plan is being implemented correctly:

1 – Evaluate the hazards
2 – Specify what preventive controls need to be put in place ahead of time
3 – Specify how these controls will be monitored
4 – Maintain routine records of these monitors
5 – Specify what actions will be taken to correct any problems that may arise.

What is HACCP?

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food. A written HACCP System requires that potential hazards are identified and controlled at specific points in the process. This includes biological, chemical or physical hazards. Any company involved in the manufacturing, processing, handling, and transporting of food products will be required to use HACCP to minimize or eliminate food safety hazards in their product.

Who is enforcing the new Food Safety Regulations and where can I find these regulations?

In Canada, the Federal Government through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is implementing and enforcing the new regulations (Safe Food for Canadians Act – SFCA).

In the United States, the Federal Government through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is implementing and enforcing the new regulations (Food Safety Modernization Act – FSMA).

Who requires a Preventive Control Plan (PCP)?

Most food businesses and transporters in Canada and the USA that are importing or transporting food across a Provincial, State or Federal Border.  Importers who import food from foreign food companies that have such controls in place, would also require a PCP.


Do you have questions regarding the new food safety regulations and legislation?  Is your company in compliance with new food safety regulations? Do you have questions on how to receive an audit or compliance certificate?  We will be happy to help, send us all your inquiries!

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